The Ultimate Guide On How To Make A Woman Squirt Within Minutes


How To Make A Woman Squirt

Well, while not everyone agrees that female ejaculation happens, the fact is, it actually happens.

Women squirt when they are extremely aroused. But, the question many guys ask is, just how do I make her squirt? Read on for some top notch how to make a woman squirt easy to use techniques that, if used correctly, will make her squirt within minutes.

How To Make your girlfriend Squirt

First off, set the mood right

Get her relaxed;

This is a critical step that you should never ignore. Be sure to tidy up (this includes your place) because a girl can be put off with the slightest sense of discomfort (for instance your smelly armpit). The next thing you need to do is warm her and let her feel relaxed and comfortable in your presence.

You can give a gentle massage while you dirty talk her, in case she likes it. Then, lead her through foreplay, kissing her passionately. Just don’t rush things. Avoid going directly to oral sex at this stage. To achieve an orgasm, let alone a squirt, a girl needs to be completely comfortable around you.

Lube things up;

Let’s put things matter-of-factly, without lubing properly with a quality lubricant; your mission will mostly terribly fail. You can use an oil-based or water-based lubricant. Make sure your hands are clean and gently apply the lubricant on her vulva, clit and the inside her vagina.

Your palm and fingers will need some too

Locate and work on the G-spot;

The G-spot, part of a ureteral sponge, is located about two inches inside the vagina on the front wall. This part feels a little bumpy and rougher than the wall surrounding it. If or when the woman is properly aroused, the G-spot often swells up and becomes easier to locate.

Stimulate her clit for some minutes. Gently insert your index or middle finger inside her vagina with the palm How To Make A Woman Squirtfacing up and rub the front vaginal wall. Start will slow gentle rubbing in a circular motion and then apply a little pressure. Her G-spot should be very pronounced at this stage.

Stroke the G-spot with your finger in a backward and forward “come here” motion. At this time you shouldn’t be too gentle. Do it a little firmly, starting with slower strokes and increasing momentum after few minutes.
After about 10 to 15 minutes (however, some women take up to 30 minutes), the vagina’s frontal wall should be more swollen at this stage.

Her G-spot should also be swelling up, and balloon inside the vagina and most women groan with a lot of pleasure at this time. Some will have an urge to pee. This should mean you are destined for success.

Then “Overdrive” Her;

Once the G-spot is ready, penetrate to the same spot using both your ring and middle fingers. Resting your palm on her clit (almost entirely cupping it), start stroking slowly and increase the momentum. Be sure to pull the hand upwards and downwards, so the clit is also stimulated. Do this a little firmly.

She will be moaning and groaning out pleasure. You should be increasing your speed more and more while keeping a steady rhythmical movement. Increase the speed even more and continue as fast as possible until she squirts. Objective achieved!

That’s a female ejaculation. The fluid is not pee. It comes from the Skene’s gland in the urethra. So there you go. Use these tips on how to make a woman squirt correctly to make your girlfriend or wife happy.


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