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How to get a big dick without pills?….., read testimonials

People believe that having a bigger penis will enhance sex life as the saying goes size matters. There are variety of techniques you can apply to increase the size of your penis. They include;

  1. a) Penis extenders.
    b) Penis surgery.
    c) Penis enhancement pills.
    d) Natural methods/ Home remedies.

Penis Extenders.

Extenders are major devices used to enhance a dick. One should be very carefully when deciding which extender to buy for health reasons. Penis extenders work better than pills because they provide a permanent result. Penis extenders are much better than surgery because they are risk free. They are made of two fastening points and bars and rods for adjustment and extending the size of the extender and ensuring the penis fits well. For instance SizeGenetics is the best penis extender on the market.


SizeGenetics offers more results than any common penis extender. This form of penis stretcher helps to correct the following problems;
a) The length of the penis.
b)Bent penis syndrome.
c)Micro penis syndrome.

According to scientific researchers SizeGenetics users have experienced incredible results in terms of length.To achieve a longer, thicker penis you just need to use SizeGenetics for four months. The following are users experiences in terms of length and girth.

  1. a) Some people experience an increase of 0.5 inches in length after one month of use.
    b) 4 months of use. The user experienced an increase of 1.8 inches in length and 0.6 inches in girth.
    c) The results may vary. Some users may experience 0.5 to 1 inches increase in length. However you can continue to use the device for much better results.
    d) Permanent results in 8 months.

Directions for use.

You should wear SizeGenetics extender for at least 3 hours a day for several months.

  1. a) Place the base ring on your penis. Adjust the device so that your penis can fit properly.
    b)Place the elongation bar. Try to adjust the elongation bar just enough. As a result your penis will feel the tension but it will not slip out.
    c) Use the headpiece to place the head of your penis.
    d) Finally pull the band end of the comfort strap.You should start using it slowly and gradually increasing the usage every week. Be making adjustment according to the size of your penis. SizeGenetics extender is the best penis stretcher to use under the comfort of your home. Permanent results are a guarantee without using painkillers because the device is 100% painless free as long as your penis is 10 inches and below.


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How To Make Your Dick Bigger Without Pills

Is your desire to increase your penis size without the use of pills? Well, there are a lot of ways to make it done. Apart from making your dick bigger with these methods, you can also make it stronger elevating your sexual experience to a higher level. Yes, it’s possible; here is a list of the most reliable tips and tricks of how to make your dick to make your dick bigger

1. Give it a rub

Learn to massage your dick in the right way to make it bigger. It’s very simple to go about doing it. Make sure the penis is erected and rub it upwards with your hands. Consistency is the main breakthrough for the whole process- repeat the process over and over. What you should know is that the penis is made of elastic muscles. A series of workouts will strain the muscles to elongate more. Give it a try and see the upshot.

2. Jelqing

Jelqing is a penis enlargement exercise that has been in use over a long period. It involves stroking and squeezing the penis, boosting the rate of blood flow in the genital regions and lengthening of the muscles thereby facilitating increment of the penis’ length and girth. It’s simple to do it; dip a piece of cloth in warm water and tie it around the penis, form an “O” shape with your index finger and the thumb, move the fingers up and down your penis, repeat this for about two to three minutes. When erected, squeeze the penis and hold it for approximately 30 seconds; repeat the process severally. Be sure of impressive fallout if you conduct the exercise daily.

3. Surgery

Surgery can enable one to add his penis length by an average of two inches. This method is effective though it’s not the most recommended option to go for; it is expensive and has a lot of risks. For instance, once carried out the penis might be permanently marred, loss of sexual function, numbness or worse impotence.

4. Penis Enlargement Extenders Permenda LTD

When penis muscles are subjected to stress, they tend to lengthen. This is where penis enlargement extenders come of help. These implements will break down tissues and ligaments when fixed allowing one’s dick to grow bigger fast. If you are looking for the quickest and safest method for dick enlargement, this is the best solution you can ever think of. Not only will the extenders facilitate an increase in length but also an increase in the girth. The best part is, the tension applied by the tools have been regulated not to cause any physical damage to the penial tissues.

5. Hold it back

Increase the size of your penis by holding back ejaculation during sex. The best way to achieve this is by thinking of something else apart from the sexual stimuli. This will ensure the penis erects for a long span. The result will be stretching of the penial muscles thus making your dick bigger. It seems simple but it works.

6. Penis Enlargement Pumps

This is a temporary fix that will help at increasing the size of your penis. This equipment is used mainly during sexual intercourse. One has to insert his dick into the device’s cylindrical opening. An air suction space in the penis will be created forcing blood to flow into it. When used frequently, the dick will adjust and attain a bigger size. As simple as it seems, you’d have achieved it chap!

7. Penis Enlargement Foods

There is a variety of foods that help at building penial muscles and tissues thereby facilitating an increase in the size of the penis. Consider including the following top foods in your repasts to achieve the enlargement aspect.

• Bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium that aids in stabilizing the heart’s functionality. In addition to that, it enables efficient blood circulation. Enough blood supply to the penis will allow longer erectile span thus making the penis to be bigger.

how to make your penis bigger • Onions

Onions boost blood circulation as well as preventing blood clots. This will allow ample blood to flow into the genital regions making it convenient for erectile functions that are linked to increasing penis sizes.

• Salmon

Essential fatty oils such as Omega are abundant in salmon. These oils help at lowering the blood’s viscosity improving its circulation rate. An efficient blood circulation will enable stiffer and longer erections.

Final Thoughts

A big penis will increase one’s sexual experience as well as personal self-esteem. It’s not that in all cases every man will have a big penis. In the question of what are the best methods of how to make your dick bigger without pills, the above list has it all.




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