The Jelqing Technique – How To Jelq Properly


Jelqing Technique & Exercises

The jelqing technique or simply ‘the jelq’ or ‘jelqing’, was allegedly used by Arabian boys over a century ago as a rite of passage from puberty to adulthood and is perhaps one of the oldest and most effective penis enlargement method known.

It’s a one of a kind technique that’ll make your penis both long and thick.

The Biology Behind Jelqing

Jelqing is an effective method because as you milk your penis, the act forces blood into spaces in the Corpora Cavernosa (the major blood holding chamber of the penis).

This causes the spaces in your penis to perpetually stretch larger and larger, resulting in the breakage of the cell walls within the Corpora Cavernosa. With time, the spaces become stronger and larger while healing at night as you sleep; hence, increasing the size of the penis.

How to Do the Jelq

  1. Stroke your penis until you get a 70% erection. The Jelq must be done with a partially erect penis. A full Jelqing Techniqueerection will be painful and a flaccid penis will be ineffective.
  2. Make an “OK” symbol using your right hand, and then hold the base of your penis with a firm but gentle grip.
  3. From the base of the penis, slowly pull towards the head (like a milking motion).
  4. When you reach the head, using the other free hand (your left hand now), form another “OK” and milk your penis as before. You are essentially firmly but gently milking your penis.
  5. Repeat step 2 to 4, and alternate the hands in a rhythmic motion, ensuring that you touch every inch of your penis, apart from the head.
  6. Do the exercise for around 5 minutes, which should be around 100 strokes.
    This is the Ultimate Jelq exercise, albeit there are other variations like the ‘Jelq and Hold’, and the ‘One Handed Jelq’.


  1. Jelqing can be done without lubrication; nonetheless, it’s preferable and more comfortable to use lubrication.
  2. Don’t squeeze too hard as you could bruise your penis, or adversely affect blood vessels near its surface.
  3. Avoid ejaculation during the exercise. If you feel like ejaculating, stop the exercise and wait for a while until the urge subsides.
  4. DON’T use soap as a lubricant, or else you’ll be sore for days. If you jelq in the bathroom, choose a comfortable position because standing for extended periods while doing the exercise can really strain your body.
  5. If you get a full erection during preparation, give it a couple of minutes to cool down just enough for it to be semi-erect.
  6. Choose water-based lubricants for the exercise.



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