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Do SizeGenetics Penis Stretchers Really Work?

“Do SizeGenetics penis stretchers increase penis size? Will the extender make my penis increase in length and girth?” Coming across these sorts of questions is quite common. As matter of fact, it appears that more-and-more people are worried about the size of their manhood.

Majority believe that it is less-than- average and this affects their self esteem. In fact, it has led to situation known as “penis panic” where men are constantly comparing their penis size. Over the years several solutions have been invented to help curb this problem. However, one of the methods that are most popular is the use of SizeGenetic extenders.

What Is SizeGenetics Penis Extender/Stretcher?

The penis extender by SizeGenertics is one of the many penis stretchers in the market. In order to increase the size of the male organ, men have two main options, surgery (phalloplasty) or using penis stretchers. Each type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Surgery is not a popular choice because it is costly, involves incision/cutting, and there is risk of rupturing other tissues or getting infections. People have also complained of experiencing pain several months or years later. This is why use of extenders remains the most popular choice. Stretchers entail fitting a device on the penis that ensures it remains fully stretched when worn.


How Does It Work?

Of all the penis extenders in the market, SizeGenetics penis stretchers are without-doubt the most effective. The simple device is fitted on the stretched penis with one end fitted on the head area while the other is attached to the pubic region.

The penis remains extended as long as it is worn and this action causes the cells to stretch-out and expand. It also improves the circulation of blood and other nutrients.

Over time, the cellular, muscular, and tissue structure changes as it adapts to the new situation. SizeGenetics uses the latest technology which ensures all this takes place effortlessly, conveniently, and smoothly.

What Makes the Size Genetics Penis Stretchers So Popular?

There are several penis extenders in the market at the moment. In fact, newer types are always being launched every other day. Nonetheless, none is yet to dethrone SizeGenetics as the best in the market. This is attributed to the following reasons:

-Highly Effective: Research and individual testimonials have shown that the stretcher does increase the length as well as girth of the penis. What’s more, this happens without the wearer feeling any discomfort.

-Comfortable: Unlike other rival products, SizeGenetics is quite comfortable to wear. This is achieved through use of 58-Way Ultimate Technology together with 3M advanced plasters. Chances of the device becoming too tight, rigid, or slipping and causing pain are minimal.

-Proven Product: SizeGenetics has been in this field for many years (16 plus), and has built a good reputation. This assures wearers of maximum satisfaction and minimal chances of failure. It is also quite safe and doesn’t case any discomfort or side effects.

-Versatility: The penis extender is suited for all kinds of penises. It doesn’t matter whether it is straight, curved, bowed, or any shape. By using MDA Technology, a user can fit it from any angle without experiencing any discomfort. It also restricts free movement which is harmful.

-Support from Medics: The device has received support from various quarters after helping men enhance the length, girth, as well as deal with very curvy penis.

Are There Shortcomings of The SizeGenetics Penis Stretchers?

The penis extender is quite effective, durable, and safe. However, it can only be purchased online HERE which means a buyer has to wait for sometime before it arrives. Also, the user will experience some discomfort at the beginning but this disappears later on. Results from wearing the device vary from one person to another.

Is The Penis Stretcher, SizeGenetics Worth It?

Anyone seriously thinking about increasing the length and girth, or correcting the straightness of the penis should consider the penis extender by SizeGenetics.

It features the latest technology that improves the size, has been tested and proven to be effective, and is also suitable for straightening a curved penis. Also, medics and other bodies are backing the device and it is easy to use, clean, and maintain. Unfortunately, it is only available via online store and the results will vary from user to user. All-in-all, anyone who is serious about extending the penis will find the SizeGenetics penis stretchers ideal.


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Of all the penis extenders in the market, SizeGenetics penis stretchers are without-doubt the most effective.

  • Design 10
  • Efficiency 10
  • Comfortable To Use 9.9
  • Customer Service 9.9
  • Price 10

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