8 Health Benefits Of Oolong Tea

health benefits of Oolong tea

Is Oolong Tea Good For You?

Benefits Of Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea, which is made from the Camellia sinensis leaves. It is the same plant used in the making of the black and green tea.

The tea is mainly grown and manufactured in Taiwan and China. The Oolong tea has an exceptional taste that is entirely different from the traditional green and black teas.

It is also referred as Wu long, a name that is derived from the Chinese harvester.

The health benefits of Oolong tea

The various health benefits of Oolong tea are as follows:

Cardiovascular Benefits

Consuming Oolong tea frequently reduces the levels of cholesterol in the body, thus decreasing the risks of heart benefits of Oolong tea

Studies have proven that the individuals who take 1-6 cups of Oolong tea weekly, reduce the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Combats Free Radicals

Skin lipids are vital for a flawless looking skin. Free radicals speed up the aging process by converting the skin lipids into lipid peroxide which lead into pigmentation and dark spots on the skin.

Oolong tea is known to contain polyphenols which eliminate the free radicals from the body, thus reducing the aging process.

Weight Management

Polyphenol is a compound found in Oolong tea, it enhances the metabolism of the body and burns fat in the process by triggering some enzymes.

Therefore, daily drinking of Oolong tea promotes the body to burn more fat resulting in weight loss. The Oolong tea is a healthier way to reduce obesity.

Prevents Tooth Decay

Another great benefit of Oolong tea is that it enhances oral health by hindering bacteria growth that leads to decaying of teeth and oral cancers.

Polyphenols are antioxidants found in Oolong tea. These antioxidants promote hygiene and dental health.

To prevent the increase of plaque, reduce the presence of cavities and deter tooth decay one should drink Oolong tea regularly.

Anti-cancer Properties

Oolong tea drinkers have a lower risk of suffering from cancer of the skin. The polymeric polyphenols such as theaflavin and Thea Rubi gin are highly concentrated in Oolong tea more than in other tea varieties.

These antioxidants fight carcinogens and aid in lowering the risks of cancer. Polyphenols are proven to promote the death of the programmed cells –apoptosis- of cancerous development in the stomach and work as chemo-preventive agents to reduce the growth of other cancer types, particularly ovarian cancer in women.

Development Of Healthy Bones

The antioxidants found in Oolong tea aids in strengthening the bone structure in the body. Drinking Oolong tea is an effective way of preventing osteoporosis in the body.

Treatment Of Diabetes

The high concentrations of antioxidants referred as polyphenols, together with minerals and vitamins like potassium, magnesium, fluorine, phosphorus, selenium and vitamin A, help in enhancing digestion, detoxifying the body and reducing the risk of diabetes. Oolong tea can be used as a herbal supplement to treat type 2 diabetes.

The Oolong tea regulates insulin and blood sugar levels in the bloodstream. So the spikes and the hazardous dips in blood sugar for patients with diabetes is decreased.

Stress Buster

Oolong tea also helps to fight stress and lessen mood swings. Consuming Oolong tea during the day aids in maintaining focus and enhances mental agility

Where Can I Buy Oolong Tea?

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Word Of Caution

As is evident from the wide range of the health benefits Oolong tea provides, it qualifies to be called a wonder tea.

However, due to the caffeine present in this tea, consuming too much can lead to headaches, irregular heart beat and anxiety. It is highly advisable for pregnant women to reduce the number of Oolong tea cups they drink daily as too much caffeine may cause harm to the baby.