How To Finger A Woman Like A Pro


How To Finger A Woman Like A Pro

Knowing the way to use your fingers to turn a woman on is important. You should picture a finger as a small penis thus figure out how you could use it to make her sexually excited. You only know that your efforts are bearing fruits when you see orgasm. But some women can fake orgasm to make you feel good about yourself.

In this article, I want you to learn how to use your fingers to cause her real orgasm. In other words you will learn How To Finger A Woman Like A Prohow to finger a woman like a pro. The following tips will be enough to help you hit the jackpot.

Neat And Trim Fingernails

The human hands are exposed to contaminants especially in the activities we carry out daily. Vagina is a delicate body part made of soft tissues vulnerable to tear and infections. This makes it wise to keep anything going into it clean and smooth. Finger nails should as such be cut, kept clean and most importantly smooth for good results.

Stimulate The Clit

The woman should stay in a comfortable position to make it easy to manipulate her. It’s recommended that she lies on the fingers to allow her to push herself against them.

Use your index and middle finger to rub her clit lightly. It becomes more sensitive when you touch it in a soft circular manner. As she starts to show positive signs, increase the speed gradually. This makes her lubricate freely. If she doesn’t, you can use a bottle of lube.

Use The Middle Finger To Penetrate

Most women, while stimulated will start reaching for your finger. This should tell you that she wants the next step. Now put your middle finger inside slowly to ensure the lubricant is effective. The lubricant also helps your fingers to go deeper freely. Increase the speed in and out of the vagina in a pattern that she likes. Ensure you are in an ideal position with full control over your hand.

Find The G-Spot

This part is located right behind the clit but in the inside, some people believe it’s the inside portion of the clit. To stimulate it, you imagine trying to touch her belly button internally by folding your index and middle fingers slightly upwards. Touch it slowly and increase your speed as she responds to the sensitivity. It produces a mind-blowing orgasm if stimulated properly.

Slide The Index And Middle Finger Down And Up

By this time your finger are wet enough and can move freely. Move your fingers down to the side of the clit into the vagina and then back out. Do this several times maintaining low pressure and more wetness in that area. As you do this, suck her nipples, kiss her on the neck or earlobes. This stimulates her quicker and leads to an intense orgasm.

Bring In More Spice

This last tips depends on whether your woman loves surprises. If she does, let your palm sandwich vertically between the vulva such that the little finger can reach the anus. As you continue to finger her vagina, ensure you slowly penetrate her anus using the little finger. This brings in more pleasure.

Now you have learnt these tips on how to finger a woman like a pro. Wait no longer, give it a try and as soon as she experiences this, she will make it your next hobby.


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