The Many Health Benefits Of Krill Oil

The Many Health Benefits Of Krill Oil

Health Benefits Of Krill Oil

The Source Of Krill Oil:

Krill is an aquatic animal which is also known as the animal of the ice. This small creature is more a crustacean rather than a fish and found in uncountable numbers throughout the Antarctica waters. They play a crucial role in the aquatic food chain as these are an important food source for penguins, whales, and other Antarctic animals.

So What Is Krill Oil?

This is pretty amazing fact these crustaceans are equipped with oil which is edible, super healthy and widely used as health supplements.

Krill oil is essentially loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids, Phospholipids and Astaxanthin which are rarely used in our daily diet but extremely healthy.

Found in the sub-zero Southernmost water, these creatures are far safer than the most of the polluted oceans.

Considering that, consuming krill oil is way healthier. Many people prefer to consume krill oil rather than the ordinary fish oils which have accounted for considerable health issues and side effects.

Health Benefits Of Krill Oil

Health Benefits:

  1. It is a source of a vital cholesterol that cannot be produced within a human body.

So it is necessary to consume them as seafood or oil capsules. Omega 3 fatty acid has two categories: DHA and EPA. Both of the nutrients aid in the following health benefits:

• Improve eyesight
• Improve cognitive disorders
• Help fight cancer
• Improve sleeping disorders
• Reduce bad cholesterol
• Supports heart health
• Reduce sugar level in the blood
• Help to reduce anxiety and depression
• Strengthen bones and joints
• Anti-aging effect
• Prevent from many infections

2. One of the rarest term found in the nutrition chart, Astaxanthin is found abundantly in the krill oil. It is rare and regarded as the most powerful antioxidant found in nature. The health benefits Astaxanthin offers are as follows:

• Beneficial for skin health
• Removes wrinkles and dark circles
• Protection from harmful UV rays
• Keeps heart healthy
• Act as an anti-cancer agent

3. A human body is made of over 37 trillion cells and each cell is encapsulated by a lipid-protein complex known as Phospholipids. It aids greatly in the liver health as well as eyesight.

Krill Oil

Which Is Better Krill Oil Or Fish Oil?

The molecular structure of krill oil fatty acids is different than the fish oil. Almost all the fish oils have light or dark yellow color whereas the krill oil has a reddish complexion due to the presence of astaxanthin which is not found in any other fish oils.

Furthermore, it is medically reported that krill oil has much better absorption by the body cells as compared to the fish oil.

The fatty acids in krill oil are attached in phospholipids form whereas fatty acids in krill oil are attached in triglyceride form.

Due to the presence of phospholipids, the essential nutrients of krill oil is directly absorbed by the bloodstream and thereby starts the biological process. On the other hand, the nutrients of fish oil cannot be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

It first gets goes into the intestine and involves in the digestion. During the process, 80% of the nutrients are wasted and your body receives quite a minimal amount of fatty acids.

Consequently, such biological factors make the krill oil superior to the fish oil.