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Scientific And Genuine Ways To Grow Taller

How To Grow Taller

For children and growing teenagers, the formative years are very important for the proper growth and development of the body. This includes a proper BMI (Body Mass Index) ie. a healthy ratio between the height and weight of a person. Even for those who have passed puberty, there are some valid and scientific ways which one can know how to grow taller. These methods are:

1) Eating Healthy

Our bodies need sufficient nutrients and minerals in order to ensure proper mental and physical development. Minerals like Calcium, Zinc and Phosphorus along with Vitamin D and Vitamin B1 are essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones which help a person grow taller and stronger, and also improves their immunity. Hence, to grow taller, one must include fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet along with milk and other milk products.

How To Grow Taller


2) Exercise

For children and adults alike, exercise is extremely beneficial for the body and is a perfect solution for everyone wondering how to grow taller. Activities like cycling, swimming or hanging from an overhead bar stretch the limbs of the body and improve blood circulation. This in turn leads to improved growth and helps a person grow taller. Skipping, yoga and even standing on the tips of your toes can vastly increase your ability to grow taller.



3) Improving Metabolism

In order for our body to properly assimilate and absorb the nutrients in our food, we should take steps to improve our metabolism. Obesity, especially child obesity, is on a rise globally. Obesity leads to hindered growth and lethargy and also stops a person from reaching their potential height. To grow taller, one needs a good metabolism which can be achieved by eating breakfast every day, drinking more than 8 glasses of water, not over eating or over indulging in junk food and also eating a balanced diet. Eating 6 light meals a day at regular intervals, instead of 3 heavy meals, helps reduce gluttony and improves metabolism.


4) Cutting out Bad Habits

Toxic habits like smoking, drinking, drugs or steroids etc. can severely harm a person’s body and stunt their growth. Passive smoking and pollution is also a major factor for poor development and stunted growth in both adults and children. Hence, to stay healthy and grow taller one must stay away from these vices and respect their body.


5)Improving Posture

While being tall may lend a certain aura of confidence and stature to a person, poor posture can severely harm their appearance. Slouching compresses the spine and creates pressure on the spinal cord, which reduces the growth potential of a person. Hence, to grow taller one must sit straight with their spine elongated and their head and spine aligned. This way, good posture leads to increased height and overall confidence and body image of a person.


6) Sleep and Detox

Maximum part of growth of our bodies happen during sleep. A minimum of 8 hours of deep sleep is essential to allow the body to rest and grow taller.It allows the spine to relax and elongate and increase the height. Sleeping also helps detoxify and heal our body, as does drinking plenty of water.


Following all these methods will surely help everyone wondering how to grow taller, and also lead to a better and healthier lifestyle.