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How to Make Your Hair Grow Fast

How to Make Your Hair Grow Fast

Many of us would love to grow our hair to a flowing length. Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors affecting the pace at which our hair grows. Age, medication, diet, stress, and lifestyles all affects how fast your hair grows.

However, by taking the right measures, you can allow your hair to grow as fast as your genes can support it. Your goal should be making your scalp and hair follicles healthy so that they can work at their full potential.

To do this, you have to know :

How to Make Your Hair Grow Fast

1. Eat Right

The role that diet plays to your hair growth cannot be downplayed. Your hair is 95 percent protein. To have your hair grow faster, you have to cut out junk food and eat right. Incorporate high quality proteins in your daily diet. They are found in eggs, fish, lean meat, dairy and nuts. Vegetables such as carrots provide the necessary antioxidants and vitamins needed for quantifying your hair. Fruits are equally important. Make sure that you are eating them daily.


2. Drink Enough Water

Water helps to flush toxins out of your system, and cleans your pores, thereby helping new hairs to grow. In addition to this, it hydrates the hair from inside out. When your hair is dry, it is more susceptible to breakage. To stimulate the growth of your hair, ensure that you are drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily.



3. Massage Your Scalp

Scalp massage helps to stimulate hair follicles and improve blood circulation. To do it, tilt your head 90 degrees forward and use your finger tips to gently push and move your skin around your head. Warm natural oils such as coconut milk, Aloe Vera and Rosemary can aid you when massaging. To have your hair grow fast, massage at least 4 minutes daily, several times a week. When you do it, you are likely to see the results within 4-6 weeks.


4. Clean Regularly

Contaminants such as dirt, grease, and excess oil can leads to reddening of the scalp, dandruff and pimple like protrusions. They all slow down your hair growth. To avoid such conditions, clean not more than twice daily. Do not over wash since it strips out the natural oils, leaving your hair dry and susceptible to breakage. Brush your hair from root to tip before washing. The practice helps to evenly distribute the natural oils.


5. Trim and Brush Regularly

Regular trimming helps to remove split ends. When not removed, split ends can hinder the growth of the whole strand. Trim every 6-8 weeks and cut about half inch of hair. To keep your hair straight, brush regularly. Use a comb with a wide tooth and do it gently. Regularly (daily) brushing is a proven method to make your hair grow fast. Never brush your hair when wet.


6. Use Multi-Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins C, E, B5, and B3 are essential for healthy hair. You can get many of these vitamins from healthy diets. However, when unsure of whether you are getting them from diets, you can always use multi vitamin supplements. You can purchase these vitamins online but it is always wise to first consult your doctor before using them.


7. Use Conditioners

Protein based hair conditioners helps in keeping your hair moisturized. Apply it in your hair’s lower half, while concentrating on damaged areas. Avoid applying it on your scalp as it can lead to excessive oil production and dandruff.

8. Use Honey and Aloe Vera

Applying a mixture of honey and aloe Vera helps to make your hair grow fast, and makes it smell pleasantly. You just need 3-4 Aloe Vera leaves, then squirt the juice and mix it with honey. Apply the mixture evenly and keep about 20 minutes.


9. Avoid Harsh Shampoos

Harsh shampoos strip your hair from natural oils, making it break easily. Also avoid chemicals such as colorants and relaxers. If you are to wash your hair, avoid washing it with water only. If you are to use shampoos, use one with neutral PH. It goes a long way in preventing hair damage in addition to making it grow as fast as it can.


10. Avoid Heat

Extreme heat is one of the major causes of hair damage. When washing, avoid extremely hot water. When washing your hair, ensure the water is as cold as you can handle. Treatments that use too much heat should also be avoided. These are treatments such as curling, hair drying and flatirons.