The Different Colors Of Poop And Types Of Poop


Is It Brown Down There? What Your Poop Color Means For You

As fleshy human beings we have numerous ways to tell if our body is unhealthy. If a person drastically gains or loses weight, has frequent headaches, or starts vomiting then we can usually assume something is wrong.

Our bodies are always trying to tell us how healthy we are if we pay close attention and listen to the warnings. One great way to do this is to observe the color of your poop.

Gross, right? But the color of our waste can give us very important clues to the health and well being of our bodies. Here is a simple guide to interpret what your poop is trying to tell you.

If It’s Brown;

This is the normal color for human waste. According to WedMD, Poop is normally brown but the color can be caused by how much bile is in your stool as a result of what you eat. This is the safe zone.
If It’s Green;

This may not be a cause for alarm just yet. Green stool can be cause by the ingestion of large amounts of green leafy vegetables.

This is also the common color if you have diarrhea because the bile is moving through the large intestine too fast and the body does not have enough time to break everything down properly. When this happens we get more a green tint in the toilet.

If It’s Yellow;

This color may indicate you have too much fat in your diet, or there is some reason your body isn’t breaking down the fat properly. There is only a reason for concern if the waste is also foul-smelling as this may be an indication of a malabsorption disorder which should be checked by a physician.
If It’s Black;

This color can me alarming to someone who is not aware of any current medical problems they have. Black bile can be cause by what you eat, such as iron supplements and black licorice. That being said, it can also be a warning sign for ulcers, sores in your esophagus, tumors or cancer. Despite being influenced by what you eat, black poop should not be ignored.

If It’s Red;

This color, like black, can be caused by certain foods, such as beets and and tomato soup, but it can also indicate a more serious problem. Red can be a sign of tumors, cancer or growths, among other things. The best advice is to seek a professional medical opinion unless you can be sure it was caused by something you ate.
Our bodies communicate with us in strange, but effective, ways.

The color of our poop is just one clue we can read to determine how healthy we are at any given time. This is not a perfect but it is a way for us, as individuals, to be aware of our bodies and to take action as soon as we feel something is wrong. It may be gross, but looking in the toilet before flushing may just save your life.

Different Types Of Poop

Different Types Of Poop
















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