Why Am I Farting So Much?


Why Do People Fart So Often?


A question that you sometimes see asking yourself is why am I farting so much. Farting can be a cause of embarrassment to some but funny to some others. Whatever your perception may be, we all have to agree on the point that farting is very much a biological process. Let’s look at what is a fart, the reasons why people fart and some interesting facts related to it.

What Is A Fart?

A Fart is intestinal gas that is formed from either the trapped air that we swallow or by presence of bacteria in the colon. A fart typically comprises of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and oxygen.

Reasons Why People Fart

People tend to fart due to multiple reasons. Let’s answer the question, why am I farting so much.

  1. Swallowing Air

About 50% of excessive gas in our body is caused by the air that we swallow. Air can be swallowed while eating, drinking or smoking. Intake of aerated drinks can also cause excessive amounts ofWhy Am I Farting So Much? carbon dioxide in the stomach, which leads to farts.

  1. Food That We Eat

The presence of undigested carbohydrates in the colon, which is passed on from the food we eat causes us to fart. The reason behind this is the air produced by the breakdown of these carbs by the bacteria present in the colon.

3. Health Conditions

Certain health conditions like constipation, gastroenteritis, irritable bowel syndrome etc causes farts because of improper absorption of food, indigestion and related reasons.

4. Pregnancy and Child Birth

Increased formation of gas is a common condition found in pregnant ladies that causes excessive farting. As labor and child birth causes damage of muscles and nerves surrounding the anus, it can make women fart as they find it difficult to hold in flatulence.

5. Anxiety and Tension

Especially when you are anxious and tensed, one tends to swallow more air. Increased adrenaline levels in the body causes your guts to be more active. These reasons can also lead to farting.

6. Aging

As the production of digestive juices decreases as we age, improper digestion can cause farting.

  1. Absorption

When our body find it difficult to absorb certain nutrients, our body tends to produce farts with unpleasant smells.

  1. While In An Airplane

When we travel in high altitudes, the gas in our body tends to expand, which causes farting.

Control Your Farts

Even though farting is very much a bodily function, it is embarrassing for a majority of people. Reducing the dietary intake of soda, starches, sugar, veggies like broccoli, cabbage and radish will help to control your farts.


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